Saturday, August 19, 2017

Reflections At Six Months

Today August 19, 2017 brings us to 6 months since Paul passed away, my beloved husband, beloved father to my children, beloved brother to his family, beloved son-in law to my parents, beloved brother-in law, beloved uncle and beloved friend to so many.  This past 6 months have brought so many emotions, the most intense emotion has been sadness, and tears.  This post is not to be a plea for sympathy or to appear I’m feeling sorry for myself.  This is just me wanting to express how I have been feeling. 
In this six month time span, many decisions have been made, perhaps some of the decisions could have waited, and yet they were on the forefront of my mind and brought me anxiety.  Since Paul was a mechanic, he had many tools, supplies, and equipment.  All these things were important to him and were a huge part of who he was.  Here lies a decision to be made-what should be done with all of these items? If I hold on to them, they are not being used.  I told my daughters he would have wanted someone to enjoy his things.  With much prayer and consulting with friends and family members, the decision was made to have the items brought to an auction.  Seeing all his items spread out at the auction made me feel numb, like it was not really happening. I reflected on how he put everything he had to good use and everything had a purpose.  Paul had his own methods on how to repair things, and his methods were a blessing to our family.  

 My brother-in-law put everything into prespective after the auction and said "Now his items are bringing joy to others".  I agree with him 100 percent.  
I will continue on my reflections in the days to come. 
Have a blessed day.  


  1. It's wonderful that you are doing this. We love you!

  2. Thank you Jane for your encouragement ❤️