Saturday, August 25, 2018

Happy Birthday To My Son In Heaven

Today would be my son Joe's 29th birthday.  I miss him beyond words can ever express. He was a blessing to our family and a friend to so many.  I keep the tears bottled up and then they come to surface many times, especially on his birthday.  Last year in 2017 I shared a memory of him in this post:
Today I would like to share a little of his personality.  He loved every kind of sport.  As a young boy he participated in soccer, softball, and hockey.  When he was in 8th grade he wanted to try football, my thoughts were perhaps it was too late to start, however, I supported his decision.  When he was in 8th grade during phy-ed class he participated in some running drills and the teacher noticed he had the stamina for running and encouraged him to try track.  The following spring, he did participate in track, he found that he enjoyed running more so than any other sport he had participated in.  It was during that time that a coach approached him and asked him if you would like to be a part of cross country team starting in the fall of 2005 which would be new to his high school at the time.  That fall the boys team consisted of Joe and two other boys. The girl's team was small as well. Both teams bonded so well for just starting out and they all became very good friends. The teams saw much success and as parents we were there every step of the way cheering them on.  Joe was the captain in his junior year and was asked to be the captain again in his senior year. I remember him telling me he felt that perhaps he should allow someone else to be the caption since he had already had his opportunity. However, his coach wanted him as the captain for another year.
In his senior year they encountered tougher competition and at times Joe was discouraged, however he persevered. At the end of the season of his senior year, his coach gave him a book to read and had written some very encouraging words to him.  To show his true personality I want to include a little of what he wrote "I know this fall wasn't how you pictured it going. It was a tough one, but you hung in there and still got the job done" he also wrote "Leaders don't just get the most out for themselves; they enable the people around them to be better"- my hope is that those written words give you an insight to his personality.
Here are a few photos of us at a cross country meet in his senior year:

He was also so good about taking time to help out at my parents' cabin by cutting the grass and helping with other chores.  The summer before his senior year he wasn't able to help out as much because of work and sports.  He told me "I'm feeling so bad I did not get a chance to help Grandpa this summer".
He was always willing to help his sisters whenever they needed him for something. He was a chauffeur to his younger sister.
I realize this a long post today, and I'm sharing things from well over 10 years ago, yet this is where my memories are and it brings healing to me to share them.
Thank you for visiting my small, humble blog.
Have a blessed day.
With love,


  1. He sounds like my girls and him would have been friends. They probably are now! :) Thanks for sharing and letting me get to know him.
    Love, Debbie

    1. This is so special that your daughters were alot like my son. Makes me happy to think they are friends now.
      Thank you for your encouragement.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Love, Patty