Sunday, May 12, 2019

Reflections On Mother's Day

Today Sunday, May 12, 2019, we celebrate Mother's Day. A day set aside to honor mothers.  For some of you Mother's Day can bring sadness if your mother is currently not in good health or if your mother is no longer here or if you have lost a child. My heart truly goes out to you.
Mother can take on many forms, a mother to your own children, a mother to your adopted children, a mother to your stepchildren, a mother to your pets. Or you may not have any children of your own, but you are a "mom" to your family or friend's children. Whatever your role as a mother is, always remember it is an important and essential role every single day. 
For me personally, I always wanted to be a wife and mother. As a little girl, I would pretend to be a mom to the many toy dolls I had. The photo to the left shows a proud moment of me receiving a toy doll for Christmas when I was six years. As I grew older into my teens, I cared for many babies, toddlers and children of all ages. In fact, a month before our wedding at the age of 22 years old I cared for a family of three girls while their parents went on vacation.  After Paul and I were married, we both agreed we wanted to have children right away. We were blessed with four children within seven years. All my years of wanting to be a mom became a reality.  
Mother's Day is a mixture of many emotions for me.  I'm so very thankful and truly blessed that I can spend time with my mom, my sister, and my three daughters to celebrate Mother's Day. We enjoy laughter, fellowship and a nice meal together. This is priceless to me. 
I also feel sadness on Mother's Day. I miss my late husband Paul saying to me like he did every Mother's Day-"Happy Mommies Day." I would then, in turn, say to him, "if it weren't for you I would not be a mom."  We both would smile.  My heart aches that my son Joe is no longer here. It's important to me to acknowledge them both, because they are an important part of my life that can never, ever be forgotten. I need to repeat it again, Paul and Joe can never, ever be forgotten. 
This holds true for you as well, may your loved ones never, ever be forgotten.
We can still be present and also take time to remember our loved ones that are no longer here by talking about them and recalling memories. 
Feel free to share some memories of your loved ones in the comments below. I would enjoy reading about the memories you have.

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