Saturday, February 29, 2020

Trees Covered In Frost

Today is Saturday, February 29, 2020, an extra day in February that only comes around every four years.
I enjoy Saturday mornings because I can take time to rest, pray, and reflect. While I take the time to rest, pray, and reflect, I like to look out the window, and the frosty trees got my attention. The Lord has given us every-changing seasons to enjoy. 
Trees covered in frost this February morning. 
The ground covered in snow.
Soon the frost and snow will melt away.
Green leaves will replace the trees covered in frost.
Flowers of every color and green grass will replace the ground covered in snow.
Thank you, Lord, for the ever-changing seasons.

Are you doing anything special today on this extra day of the year? Feel free to leave a comment below, I enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting my small, humble blog.

With love,

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