Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Happy Birthday To My Son In Heaven

Today would be my son, Joe's 31st birthday.  I like sharing memories of him in previous posts if you would like to read them here:
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Throughout the day today, I recalled a memory of Joe on his 16th birthday.  He was close to getting his driver's license and needed a few more hours behind the wheel with me. So, we decided to go to a sporting goods store that he liked and purchase some things he needed for his running. This way, he could pick out his birthday gift. The drive was 45 minutes, one way from our home. As we were on our way, I happen to fall asleep for a little while. When I woke up, he laughed and said, "you must trust my driving since you fell asleep.." Yes, I did trust his driving. This still makes me smile.
Recalling memories brings me comfort, especially on days like today. I sure do miss him.

Thank you for visiting my small, humble blog.

With love,

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