Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Method Behind The Madness-Sharing A Memory Of My Son, Joe

Do you have things you do that only make sense to you to help get things done? One of my favorite things to do is create handmade greeting cards, and I usually bring out more supplies than I need to complete my cards. Yet I like to know I have everything at my fingertips to get things done-my method behind the madness. 
My son, Joe, also had a method behind the madness. He was a runner and had more shoes than I could count. Each pair of shoes served a purpose to him, and he would have them all lined up by the front door. One day I asked him what each pair of shoes provided. He explained to me that there was a reduced risk of injury, different shoes for different speeds, different shoes for diverse terrain, and it was simply more fun to have more options. His explanation made perfect sense to me. 
Sharing memories is part of my journey. 
Feel free to comment below if you have a method behind the madness. I enjoy hearing from you. 
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