Sunday, March 26, 2023

Saying The Names Of Our Lost Loved Ones In Conversations

During lunch with one of my daughters, we talked about our favorite salad dressings, and she told me her favorite is the french salad dressing. At that moment, I remembered it was also my late husband, Paul's (her dad's) favorite salad dressing, and I said, "That was Dad's favorite salad dressing too," and she said, "Yeah, that's right." I told her, "It's nice to say his name; I miss that." She agreed.
Often, while having conversations, when I recall a memory of my son, Joe, and or my late husband, Paul, it allows me to say their names, which I appreciate.
How do you feel about saying the names of your lost loved ones? Feel free to comment below; I would enjoy hearing from you.

With love,

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