Monday, February 19, 2018

Reflections At 12 Months

Reflections at 12 months.
My daughters and I miss Paul everyday-today marks the 1 year Heavenly Anniversary for Paul.
It’s rough path to follow, without him here, and I know I need to keep moving forward the best I can. However, it does not mean I cannot keep remembering the life I had with him.  I want to remember all of it, because my life with him is where I am today. My life with him allowed me to become a wife and a mother, something I always wanted to be as far back as I can remember.  We were blessed with 4 beautiful children. We had so many good times and yes tough times, too.  My mind wants to focus on the good times, and have a grateful heart. 
Last weekend I attended a support brunch for widows called “Widow Might” –the speaker talked about keeping an eternal perspective on things.  This is very true, because this is not where our story ends.  With our belief and faith in what Jesus did on the cross by taking all  our sins, past, present and future sins we can have eternal life with Him and enjoy life with our loved ones that have gone before us. 
I would like to share this video from Jeremy Camp-“There Will Be a Day”

Have blessed day.


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