Sunday, October 6, 2019

Finding Comfort Blog Series #2

Two weeks ago I shared some thoughts on finding comfort in grief in this post
Today, I would like to share some additional ideas in finding comfort in grief.
After my Husband Paul died in February of 2017, I found great comfort and support in going to lunches and dinners with family and friends. I felt so much love and care in those moments.  This indeed was a blessing and continues to be a blessing to have lunch or dinner with family and friends.
If you are having a hard day, reach out to the many people that told you, "if there is anything I can do, be sure to let me know."  They will be glad you reached out to them. They want to help you and may not know what to say or do.
Before losing my son, Joe, I enjoyed scrapbooking and card making. In my grief, I did not want to touch my supplies. I was ready to throw them all out.  However, I received encouragement from family and friends to continue with my hobby. It was a slow and steady process to incorporate working on scrapbooks and cards again. In fact, in 2009, a year after my son died, I created an album for my youngest daughter’s graduation party. I began to realize that having a hobby, any hobby can be a comfort. Finding a hobby for you may be a way for you to find happiness as well. Here is a list of ideas for a hobby. Of course, the sky is the limit, and you might have some other ideas or hobbies that are not listed here. Feel free to let me know in the comments below what hobby you may have.
Hobby ideas:
~Book Club
Right now, for me, my hobby is creating handmade cards.  The idea of taking a piece of card stock patterned paper, adding a sentiment, and then putting all this all together to see the final outcome of the card can be an enjoyable process. Sometimes, I may not like the card, and I may need to start over, either way, I enjoy the process.   
Hopefully, there have been a few ideas here that will be helpful for you.
In future blog posts, I will add additional thoughts on how to find comfort in grief.
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