Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

Today is Mother’s Day, I’m so thankful that I have the privilege, the blessing, and the desire of my heart to be a mother. Mother’s Day brings me a mixture of emotions, happiness, and sadness at the same time. I’m happy and thankful that my mother is here and I can talk to her and spend some time with her. I’m delighted and grateful that I can spend time with my three beautiful daughters. Yet, Mother’s Day also brings me sadness because I miss my son, Joe, and I miss the father of my children, Paul. I miss Paul saying to me like he did every Mother’s Day “Happy Mommies’ Day.”
Maybe today you also have a mixture of emotions, both happiness, and sadness simultaneously. I share in your joy, and I also share in your sadness. Maybe your mother is no longer here, and you miss her. Maybe your mother is here, yet some illness has taken over her. Maybe you have lost a child, and you miss that child. Maybe the father of your children is no longer here. I wish I could take your sadness away. I would like to offer up a suggestion to recall a happy moment with your lost loved one, write it down, and go back and read it often. It’s ok to let the tears fall. My prayer is that today amongst the moments of sadness, you can find some happiness as well. 
With love, Patty

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