Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sprinkle Of Encouragement To The Woman That Has Lost Her Husband

Today, my post is a little sprinkle of encouragement to the woman that has lost her husband.

After my husband Paul passed away in February of 2017, I had an appointment to fill out some paperwork. When it came to the marital status section, it was always an automatic response to check the married box and add Paul's name to the line on the form.  At that moment, it came rushing over me, tears filled my eyes, and I realized I could no longer check the married box and add Paul’s name. As I looked over the form, the options were either single or divorced. In my mind, I felt that I was neither of those; I lost my husband; as hard as it was to admit, the reality hit me, I’m a widow. Through my tears, and trembling I added a box of my own titled “widow.” After that, I handed the form to the receptionist and proceeded to my appointment. Reflecting on this now, I wish I would have gently suggested that they add widow to their form.
How do you feel about the term widow? Does it bring you to tears? Are you able to embrace it? 
For me, I'm a little of both. There are times it brings me to tears, and there are times I'm able to embrace it. 
Please know that the term widow does not define who we are in God's eyes. For God tells us in His word, “See, I will not forget you, I have carved you in the palm of my hand.” Isaiah 49:16 (NLT).
May you rest in knowing God will not forget you and that you are carved in the palm of His hand.

With love, 



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